We make playful experiences to understand complex realities. In order to do that, we have a methodology in place that considers the pedagogical goals in relation to the cultural nuances to create even stronger learning moments. At Antidote, we prefer to work within the scopes of existing frameworks to introduce games in the most natural way to the intended audience: using languages and processes familiar to them. We want our players to think about the content of the games, instead of struggling with learning a new medium. However, familiarity breeds disinterest, so we try and out-of-the-box narratives to create a fun and imaginative session that will leave the players wanting to play (and learn) more! 

We like to do our own research before learning from the experts. We start every project with an investigation into the client's needs. This includes researching the topic at hand and deciding on the best type of game to communicate the same.

We understand that while our own research is vital to our process, it is no match for the people who have dedicated their lives to the subject. We always bow down to the information provided by our partner experts and try and develop a game around it. 

Games are a new medium for education and pedagogy, so there is a lot we can learn from the way people play them! We like to think of our games as conversation starters, and it's tough to chat without knowing anything about our audience!

We try our best to think of every eventuality, but often this is an impossible task. We try and test our games as many times as we can, at every phase of development to plan for every eventuality in our facilitator's guidelines (a part of every rule set).  

We test and refine our games using a rough prototype since we focus on the system before the aesthetics. Before we ship our games off, we try and get playtest data from the intended audience for our games to best communicate our message!

Once the system is robust enough, we go back to the drawing board and find the best design strategy to communicate the system in as easy and seamless a way as possible. Both Ben & Mohini are trained visual designers and their skills come handy!