Sandwich Shop play session at UNICEF in NYC in 2013

PLAYer centered design

We live in a world of complex systems that often overwhelm the humans who inhabit it.

What impact does an individual have in the face of global systems like climate change? More than the average human might imagine! 

At Antidote, we use play to visualize the human in complex systems.

Using games, design and technology we create experiences and simulations for players to problem solve real-world problems in a safe, fictional environment.   


We have made games on climate change, road safety, social justice and many more topics. Check out our games for more details! 

Bottleneck session at Come Out & Play 2013


A game about traffic jams, car crashes, and dinner parties.

Hire Ground session with the World Bank 2012

Hire Ground

A game laying bare the effects of environmental shocks on societal inequalities. 

Driving Force session in Kathmandu 2014

Driving force!

A game about transportation & communication breakdowns within large organizations.