GAMES: We offer complete game design services from concept ideation, to prototyping and level design. At Antidote we are technology agnostic as we put your message before the medium. We use the best tools to share your content, be it digital or real-world oriented. Before we start any project, we asses the best communication and design strategy for your message, and find ways to seamless integrate play into existing projects. We find this improves the reception and retention of information, while increasing the resilience of existing projects. 

EXPERIENCE DESIGN: We enjoy a good challenge, and work well with constrains. We have designed conference-wide games like Bitten! for global events like COP18, and local collaborations with organizations like Atlas Obscura's Field Trip Day to highlight the lost architecture of New York City. Games have a way of brightening up passive environments and provide a space for participants to playfully engage with topics at your event. We have developed games for a variety of situations, and would love to share our expertise with you!

DESIGN & PLAY CONSULTING: We love seeing more play in the world, and would love to consult on your existing projects to make them more durable and fun! 

Sandwich Shop session at UNICEF's "WASHING Away Preventable Disease with DevInfo" Event. 


 Antidote is based between New York City and Bombay, but we believe that the best games are made where they need to be played.


We've had the pleasure of working with some amazing people over the years. Here are a few of them: 

Game Design For All workshop at  Allied Media Conference  2013

Game Design For All workshop at Allied Media Conference 2013

Friends and Collaborators

Our work often leads us to seek out those who have skills to augment ours. Whether they are illustrators, programmers, producers, or content experts, we have worked with a bunch of awesome people over the years. We are an active part of both the game and design community through teaching, workshops and speaking at conferences. Aside from that, we also enjoy facilitating these opportunities by helping with the organization and coordination of a number of conferences and festivals outside of our day-to-day duties at Antidote. We have learnt a lot from our fantastic partners and peers over the years, and here is a non-exhaustive list of people and organizations we've worked with, formally or informally as Antidote Games. 


  • PETLab at Parsons the New School for Design
  • Allied Media Conference
  • Different Games Conference
  • EGGPLANT Lab at Columbia University
  • Artists in Context
  • Lost Levels Conference
  • Facets Conference
  • Code Liberation


  • Ida Benedetto
  • Alicia Stott
  • Paolo Pederocini
  • Margaret Moser
  • Amira Pettus
  • Pablo Suarez
  • Robert Yang
  • Eddie Cameron
  • Colleen Macklin
  • Pat Mooney
  • Corina Bachofen
  • Janot Mendler de Suarez
  • John Sharp




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